Not Your Average 5K
Not Your Average 5K

Train for a 5K on YOUR terms!

Does this sound like you?

  • You don’t consider yourself athletic…but you secretly want to be someone who has race medals on her wall.
  • You identify as plus-sized, fat, thick or something similar - and have struggled run because of it.
  • You’ve tried Couch to 5K (maybe more than once) and never made it past week 3.
  • You can do run/walk for about a mile on the treadmill, but doing a 5K seems way out of your grasp.
  • You wish you could find other women like you who are struggling with the same things.

If any of the above describes your life, we need to talk.

Because running a 5K isn't just for uber-fit people who only eat kale and chicken breasts for dinner, exercise 7 days a week, and can fit into the smallest LuluLemon sizes.

A 5K is for everyone.

Even you.

Training for a 5K will transform your life...

...and it's a lot easier than you think.

You just need the right plan, the right coach, and the right community.

Not Your Average 5K has all of that and more.

This is not your daughter's 5K plan

In just 6 weeks, you’ll get 5K ready—the RIGHT way.

Feeling confident and strong instead of embarrassed and unsure.

Able to breathe and go the distance instead of wanting to die.

Staying motivated and excited instead of quitting.

I’ve tested this program on literally hundreds of women, and it works every damn time.
If you're waiting for a sign...
This. Is. It.
Hi!  I’m Jill Angie, and I don't teach running like any other coach. 

I know you've struggled to get your shit together. To just START. You're not sure whether you're doing it right - breathing, running form, intervals. You're terrified of being seen running in public.

I get it. I've been there. I understand you.

I know how to get you up and running, feeling great about it.

I know how to coach you on all the mindset issues that are holding you back. I know when to give you tough love.

I also know how to get you  across that 5K finish line feeling like a rockstar.
Here’s what you’ll learn in 6 weeks:
Proper running form

Improving your breathing
Strength training for runners

How to plan your training runs

Choosing running gear
How to stop negative self talk 
Staying consistent

Building confidence

Race day strategies
Dealing with the weather
Fueling and hydrating

How to stay accountable to yourself
The Course Includes:
6 week beginners training plan, designed by a fat running coach who has been exactly where you are right now

Private Facebook group for questions, accountability, community, and celebration of your successes!

Group coaching calls each week

Recordings of each call

PDF downloads of all course materials

Weekly lessons and exercises to help you implement what you’ve learned

Virtual race medal at the end of the course

Lifetime access to everything! You can repeat the course as many times as you like.

Not Your Average 5K
is for you if:
>You can run/walk at least 1.25 miles right now (even if it's 20 seconds of running at a time).

>You are a woman who is really excited about getting more into running, but don't know what to do next.

> You’ve tried Couch to 5K or another program in the past and it was either too difficult or you struggled to stay motivated.

> You want community, coaching, and accountability to turn your plan into ACTION.

> You want live feedback from a coach who’s been in your shoes, and has coached hundreds of women JUST LIKE YOU across the finish line.

> You love the excitement of training (virtually or otherwise) with other women like you - making connections and new friends - and realizing you’re not alone.

> You love the feeling of doing something difficult and feeling proud of yourself afterward.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I just graduated from Up & Running - can I do this course?

Yes! I designed it to pick up right where Up & Running leaves off. If you can run/walk 1.25 miles right now, no matter how long it takes you, you can complete this 5K program.

I’m a beginner who just started walking regularly.

Awesome! If you can comfortably walk 1.5 miles, you can use this program to walk your 5K. There’s no requirement to run if you don't want to.

Will I be able to run the whole 5K at the end of 6 weeks without any walking?

This program is meant for people who want to either run/walk or walk a 5K. If your goal is to run the whole thing without stopping to walk, this is probably not the right program for you.

Is there a time limit for the virtual race?

Nope!  You run when and where you want, and take as long as you need.

Can I do my virtual race on a treadmill?

Absolutely! You can do your race anywhere you like.

When do I run the virtual race?

The training plan is designed for you to complete your race between November 22-29. But you can run it whenever is convenient for you, and I can help you modify the plan to support your needs.

When will I get my virtual medal?

Medals will ship in the first week of December.

It’s hot outside/It's cold outside.

I hear you. There's weather everywhere. But they run marathons in the Sahara Desert and at the South Pole. We’ll teach you how to dress and run so the heat or cold aren’t an issue—and how to master the treadmill so you can keep training in case the weather keeps you indoors.

I canceled my gym membership because I never used it. This could turn out the same way. I’ll sign up and quit before I ever get started.

That's the great thing about this class, we don't just tell you what to do, we help you shift your mindset so you can get it done. You're not on your own, you have coaches and a whole community of women just like you to help you stay focused and motivated.

I weigh 250 pounds and my brain tells me I’m too fat to run.

I can 100% assure you that at 250 you are more than ready (I weigh more than that and I’ve finished several half marathons). You can walk as much as you want or need to in this program. There’s no requirement to run the whole thing.

I don’t have enough time.

Here’s the deal. Everyone has a crazy life. 5K training doesn’t take nearly as much time as you think. If you can carve out 45 minutes three times a week you have enough time to train. Most people spend more than that on Facebook every day.

I have an injury. Is it OK to do this program?

If you’re injured, the first thing you need to do is get well. Go see your doctor, get into PT, and join the next class when you’re healed.

How is this different from your books?

This plan is based on my books, but with the added component of live coaching and support from me, the support of a like-minded community, and a ton of additional tools that are only available in my coaching programs.

I’m nervous about making the commitment. I did a 5k a few years ago with a friend but don't know if I'm motivated enough to train on my own. Will calls and online support be enough to keep me accountable?

The calls and online support are some of the tools we provide to help you learn to be accountable to yourself! One of the skills we’ll be working on is motivation and how to create it so you never have to rely on someone else to keep you going.

I’ve already done a few 5K’s and I’m past the beginner stage. Is it still OK for me to join?

If you’re already doing the distance, that’s awesome! This class can help you with some of the finer points of training as well as working on your mindset and inner mean girl.

I’ve started and stopped a lot of 5K training programs. I don’t believe I’m motivated enough to stick with it.

Here’s the deal. Motivation is something you create, not something you have. In this class you will learn the skills to create motivation.

I travel a lot and don’t know if I’ll be able to attend the group coaching calls.

All of the training calls are recorded and posted on the members' website within 24 hours, so you don’t need to attend live to get what you need!

Where are you based (time zone)?

East coast.

When are the coaching calls?

Coaching calls are held on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern (except the final call which is on a Tuesday night).

Do I need any special software to attend the calls?

No special software is needed. Coaching calls will be done on WebinarJam. Video is not mandatory, you can also join with audio only.