Become A Runner This Fall!
This Free 7-Day Challenge Will Show You How

Things are crazy right now. The world has completely changed and nobody knows what's next.

You're probably feeling all the feels:

Worry. Anxiety. Confusion. Overwhelm.

Staying active seems like the last thing on your to-do list. Running? Ha. Out of the question.

You're lucky if you put on pants every day.

But what if NOW is actually the best time to start running?

It will boost your immune system, keep your body fit, and help you manage stress.

And it's easier than you think.

You can spend the next couple months watching every show on Netflix, or you can take a little bit of time to learn something new.

You can become a runner EVEN IF:

  • You think you're overweight and out of shape.
  • You're over 40, 50 or 60.
  • You’ve never felt athletic.
  • You struggle with motivation.
  • You're practicing social distancing.

You might think running is only for skinny, athletic, young people.


Hi. I’m Jill Angie, and I can help you.

I used to be exactly where you are right now - and I understand how you feel.

Then I figured out the secret to start running without having to lose a crap-ton of weight—or do crazy 2 hour workouts every day.

You can become a runner at any size, shape or age—you just need to know how.

You can even do it when all the gyms are closed, and you can't go farther than the end of your block.

Join me for this free 7-day challenge where I’ll teach you exactly how to start running in the body you have right now, so you can feel fit, proud and accomplished.

It’s way easier than you think, and I promise it will be fun.

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Over the course of the 7 days you’ll learn:

-When you should be running and how far you should go

-How to pace yourself and control your breathing

-Proper running form to make running easier and more efficient

-How to shut down your negative self talk
In 7 days I can make you a runner.
Are you ready?
Let's do this!